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Evaluating gmStudio

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Options for Evaluating gmStudio

We offer the gmStudio Trial Edition for self-service testing and several collaborative options for evaluating gmStudio with larger systems.

  • The gmStudio Trial Edition (free): full-featured gmStudio with a 30-day built-in license limited to 5,000 LOC VB6 or 2,500 LOC ASP. The Trial Edition can be used on legacy systems of any size and is an excellent code metrics gathering and analysis tool. The Trial will not author the translated code if you exceed any license limits.
  • The Assessment/POC Engagement: You send us your code, subject to NDA if desired, and we translate it and walk you through the results and findings in a web meeting. Deliverables may include a one-month gmStudio Professional Edition license, detailed assessment reports, high-level recommendations for reengineering your system to use .NET, and all files needed to reproduce translations in your environment. A free (demo only) option is available. Learn more here.
  • The Live Standard Demo (free): this web demo shows some of the advanced features of gmStudio using our standard VB6/ASP sample translations.
  • The gmStudio MSDN Promotional Edition License (free): a special license available through the MSDN promotion described here. The Promotional Edition license may be acquired and renewed for no charge according to this process.
    The Promotional Edition is for VB6 systems up to 10K LOC. The Promotional Edition does not support ASP translation nor some of our most advanced code re-engineering innovations.
  • The Custom Evaluation Engagement: This is a collaborative engagement that fits your specific requirements.

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