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Great Migrations helps teams preserve and enhance business-critical systems.
Our advanced software re-engineering tools and agile methodology can help you upgrade your VB6 and ASP classic systems for C# and VB.NET.

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gmStudio: VB6/ASP/COM to .NET Modernization Platform

Great Migrations Studio (gmStudio) is our uniquely powerful and flexible migration management and automation toolset. gmStudio is specifically designed to migrate your VB6 and ASP classic applications in a way that meets your custom .NET architecture and development standards.
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gmFortran: FORTRAN to C Translator

The industry leader since 1990, gmFortran (formerly known as promulaFORTRAN ) has been proven in hundreds of ambitious Fortran-to-C translation efforts. This tool can be used to produce custom C translations that are both correct (functionally equivalent to the original FORTRAN) and maintainable (i.e., of high C-code quality, subject to the client's C programming standards or custom preferences).
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gmAMS: Great Migrations Array Modeling System

Powered by Promula (Processor for Multidimensional Analysis), gmAMS is a platform for developing and managing systems using multi-dimensional datasets. Originally released by our founders in the mid 1980s, Promula has beenn used for modeling and simulation applications for many years. We are renewing this unique platform with a transfusion of the technologies developed for our translation products so it will continue to deliver value to analysts and researchers in the fields of applied scientific study and numerical anslysis. Visit the gmAMS page on our knowledge portal to learn more.

We are passionate about helping clients preserve and modernize their software assets with software migration since 1982.

We offer powerful system re-engineering tools and methods to help you develop custom upgrade solutions.

We provide the products, services, and expertise to help clients meet the challenges of their software migration needs.

Our proven software analysis offerings enable customers to more accurately assess and plan ambitious upgrade efforts.

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