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Evaluating gmFortran

Fortran to C Migration Assessment Offer

gmFortran is a translation tool which we customize for our clients to fit their specific Fortran-to-C migration requirements and re-architecting standards. It is a product that we license to clients for self-service use.

We use this tool to do custom migrations for clients. We also use it to do migration assessments for potential clients. Actually, most of the time we use it to convince potential clients that the tool does work and it does produce C translations that are both correct for the target platform and also readable for long-term maintenance by a typical C programmer.

The free assessment includes the following steps:

  • A first discussion with you (via email or by phone) to tell us about your pending conversion project and to make arrangements for sending us a copy of your Fortran codebase, subject to a non-disclosure agreement, if necessary.
  • You send us a sample of the planned migration codebase (and all compile-time dependencies, e.g., source code and Fortran INCLUDE files) along with any other requirements you wish to specify.
  • We do a first translation of the sample and send you translation results for your review. If the sample is complete enough for linking and execution, then we can also demonstrate functional equivalence between the source and target applications by running the target application and showing matching results.
  • If requested, we will send you a quote for a gmFortran license or a proposal detailing various options for the implementation of your pending migration project.

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